Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationPellegrino
Vessel typeFreighter
3,000 tons

The Rainha was a regional freighter, a plump cylinder of three thousand tons burden and sixteen masts—as many as such a small crew could handle properly.5:4

In 5149 CE she was used to supply munitions to the Nataniel Arruns' troops on Dunbar's World.6:16

To avoid being shut down by an anti-ship missile battery at the Pellegrinian base on Mandelfarne Island, a party from RCS Princess Cecile, including Adele Mundy, Tovera, Elspeth Vesey, Dasi, Barnes, Zastrow captured the freighter on Pellegrino;5:19 and then traveled to Dunbar's World. They were able to land at the Pellegrinian base, and assault the base there.5:21

After combat operations were concluded, Commander Daniel Leary sold the captured Rainha to Councilor Corius.5:28