Military and paramilitary services in the RCN series.

Republic of Cinnabar Navy Edit

Flag officers apparently had silver cuff rings; gold were used for more junior ranks.8:30

Admiral Edit

Rear Admiral Edit

The Rear Admirals of the RCN wore a single silver ring on their right cuff.8:30

Commodore Edit

It's not clear if Commodore is a "real" rank, or a title for a captain in command of

  • a group of ships2:10
  • a surface base7:21

Captain Edit

The captain's insignia was a single silver star.9:5 The captain's right sleeve had one narrow gold stripe above two broad stripes of a commander.7:1

Commander Edit

The insignia was an open circle.4:6 At another point, it's implied that the Commander's insignia, at least on a cap, was a solid rectangle in subdued color.6:19 The collar tab had a solid rectangle.6:2

The sleeves had two broad stripes, and pips (stars?), the latter probably on epaulettes.4:30

Lieutenant Commander Edit

The insignia was a pip-in-a-circle.6:2

Lieutenant Edit

The cuffs had one broad stripe.4:6 The epaulette on the Dress White uniform had three rank tabs.4:18

A senior lieutenant (not sure if this was a separate rank) had pips on the collar.3:2

Midshipman Edit

Mishipmen wore hollow pips.3:4

Warrant Officers Edit

Warrant officers had pips.3:6

Signals Officer Edit

A junior warrant rank, equivalent to bosun's mate and several steps below a commissioned lieutenant.9:6 The Dress White Republic of Cinnabar Navy dress uniform included sleeves with the chevrons of a warrant officer and the lightning bolt of the Signals Branch.3:1

RCN Marines and Land Forces of the Republic Edit

Colonel Edit


Lieutenant Colonel Edit

Major Edit

E.g. Major Mull.7:14

Sergeant Edit

Alliance Fleet Edit

Admiral of the Fleet Edit

Probably the most senior rank short of commander-in-chief Guarantor of the Alliance of Free Stars.7:24

Admiral Edit

Captain-of-Space Edit

Equivalent to the RCN rank of Captain.

Frigate-Captain or Lieutenant Commander Edit

Aka Fregattenkapitan, or Fleet Lieutenant Commander. The insignia was three crossed tridents.8:7

Corvette-Captain Edit

Engineer's Mate Edit

The insignia was a black armband with two red stripes on the left sleeve.7:11

Grand Army of the Stars Edit

Colonel Edit

The insignia was dragons displayed.6:12

Fifth Bureau Edit

There were ranks equivalent to army ranks, up at least to General of the Army.9:29

The Horde Edit

Commander Edit

The Horde Commander's insignia was a silver 5-pointed star on the cap.8:7