Rene Cazelet introduces himself to Adele at her home in "When the Tide Rises", page 13. He is 24-25, with black hair cut short, thin features, wearing a conservative business suit. On page 46, he is described as a "good-looking young man".

He tells Adele at her home that his father & mother "were arrested on Pleasaunce by agents of the Fifth Bureau. They were charged with conduct prejudicial to the good order of the state, which is treason under the War Emergency Powers proclaimed by Gaurantor Porra. Their trial was of course secret, but it seems a foregone conclusion that they were executed."

He was not arrested because he had been sent to Bryce to study with his grandmother, Mistress Boileau. She is the same master librarian who trained Adele on Bryce during the time her whole family was killed. "“I wasn’t arrested at the time,” Cazelet continued, “because I was with my grandmother. (On Bryce) I was studying information storage and retrieveal techniques to help me in my duties for Pheonix Starfreifht, the shipping line which my father owned. We had twelve vessels, though—again, of course—they’ll have been confiscated by the State under the treason regulations."

He says his grandmother said Adele would help him. He has her ring as a way of introduction, which has the "intaglio of the Boileau creast, an armed lion."

Against Tovera's advise, Adele decides to bring Rene onto the Princess Cecile on their trip to the Bagarian cluster as her new assistant. She introduces Rene to the midshipmen, with whom he'll bunk (page 46). Midshipman Cory takes to him, as does Midshipman Blantyre, who gives him "the eye".