The Republic of Cinnabar Navy, or RCN, was the space military force of the Republic of Cinnabar.

History Edit

After the end of the Hiatus, the Republic of Cinnabar began to build up a navy to defend its territory and shipping routes. (RCN1)

Organization Edit

The RCN was governed by the Navy Board, a group of political (civilian) and military staff appointed by the Cinnabar Senate.

There were several bureaus:

Equipment Edit

Regular RCN vessels had their names prefixed by RCS (Republic of Cinnabar Ship).

NameVessel type
RCS ActiveDestroyer
RCS AglaiaCourier
RCS AristotleBattleship
RCS AristoxenosBattleship
RCS BainbridgeSloop
RCS CornelwoodCruiser
Cutter 612Cutter
RCS EscapadeDestroyer
RCS ExpressDestroyer
RCS GarnetPatrol cruiser
RCS Hemphill
RCS HermesLight cruiser
RCS KapilaBattleship
RCS LucretiusBattleship
RCS MiltonHeavy cruiser
RCS PettyDestroyer
RCS PhilanteArmed yacht
RCS PlumpDestroyer
RCS Princess CecileCorvette
RCS Rene DescartesBattleship
RCS SchellingBattleship
RCS SwiftsureBattleship
RCS Thunderer
RCS WinckelmannHeavy cruiser

Personnel Edit

RCN employed a number of civilian employees such as receiving clerks;2:3 however most staff was uniformed. The uniformed staff was further divided into ratings, warrant officers, and commissioned officers; see Ranks for detail.

Almost all of RCN's commissioned officers came through the RCN Academy; but there were some exceptions for masters.7:14

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