Sacred Independence
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationIndependent Republic of Bagaria
ServiceBagarian Navy
Vessel typeCruiser
5,000 tons
Gun size4 inch
101.6 mm
Number of guns8
Number of missiles96

The Sacred Independence was a cruiser in the naval force of the Independent Republic of Bagaria.

Technical Description Edit

It was a 5,000 ton freighter from Cinnabar-Kostroma run. When the Bagarian rebellion broke out, the freighter bought her and added six 4-inch plasma cannon and a pair of 10-cm Alliance equivalents. Two of her cargo holds were adopted to carry missiles, for a total capacity of 96.6:9

History Edit

In 5149 CE it was serving as a guard ship, orbiting above Pelosi. It had only 21 missiles on-board. It was commanded by Captain Andreas Hoppler.6:9

Commander Daniel Leary appointed to command the Bagarian Navy placed some of his own crew from the RCS Princess Cecile on the Independence, and it took part in the assault of Dodd's Throne.6:11

Later it took part in assault on Alliance cluster headquarters at Churchyard, but Captain Hoppler broke off the assault after one of the ships was destroyed.6:14