Starship with sails (small)
Vessel typeYawl
600 tons

The Savoy was a yawl, used to carry small loads of cargo.

History Edit

In 5152 CE, it was in port in Ashetown on Madison when Captain Daniel Leary, posing as Lieutenant Pensett, hired on as an astrogator, rigger, power technician, and after some development, as captain. It was owned by Kiki Lindstrom.9:7

The Estremadura, alerted by the disgruntled former captain, tried to capture the Savoyas it was departing Madison, but Leary, alerted in turn by Adele Mundy, managed to escape.9:14

At the other end of their trip, above Sunbright, the Savoy saved another blockade runner, the Ella 919, from being captured by Alliance Fleet gunboats.9:17

Technical description Edit

It was one of the many blockade runners supporting--and profiting from--the Sunbright Rebellion. It had made seven landings on Sunbright since the beginning of the rebellion and had returned a very handsome profit for her captain and backers.

The Savoy was a 600-tonne single-decked freighter. The hull was a rusty steel cylinder, floating just above the harbor surface on two pontoon outriggers; they were rusty also, at least the portion above water. The crew compartment was a capsule forward. The fusion bottle was in the hold; there was no separate Power Room. She had four antennas spaced around the hull amidships. Astern a short jack was mounted at 45 degrees to the ship’s axis; there was probably a similar jack at 225 degrees, out of sight from the quay. The fixed jacks gave the astrogator leverage to slew the central antennas against the Casimir Radiation by which ships adjusted their courses in the Matrix.9:8

Its control console was old, but had originally come from a Pantellarian warship, probably a destroyer.9:15

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