Selma Cluster
Location typeCluster
NationSelma Cluster

The Selma Cluster was a cluster of three stars in the Sack, near the Strymon system.2:10 Each of its suns had a habitable planet orbiting it, all of which served as pirate bases at the time of Daniel Leary's early career.

The three stars of the cluster were within four light-years of one another and followed a common trajectory. They were S1, orbited by Dalbriggan, S2, orbited by Falassa, and S3, orbited by Horn.

Selma was ruled by the Astrogator, who usually resided on Dalbriggan. (RCN2)

In 5143 CE the Selma Cluster became a client state of the Republic of Cinnabar. They signed a treaty to eschew piracy and devote themselves to trade and other wholesome pursuits.2:23