Siege of Diamondia
Battle icon
ConflictFourth Alliance War
Battle date5149
PlaceJewel System
Republic of Cinnabar NavyAlliance Fleet
James of KithranGuphill

  • 2 battleships
  • 2 battlecruisers
  • 4 heavy cruisers
  • 4 light cruisers
  • 6 destroyers
  • 6 sloops
  • Casualties

    Background Edit

    In 5149 CE, as part of the Fourth Alliance War, the Alliance Fleet besieged Republic of Cinnabar Navy forces defending Diamondia, a planet in the strategically placed Jewel System.

    The Jewel System lay near a junction point within the Matrix. Had the Alliance taken it, the routes from Cinnabar to several of her allies would be lengthened by as much as thirty days.6:1

    The RCN squadron was commanded by the well-regarded Admiral James of Kithran, but was confronted by superior Alliance forces led by Admiral Guphill.6:2

    Disposition of Forces Edit

    Kithran was defending Diamondia, which was surrounded by a Planetary Defense Array. His fleet had battleships Zeno and the ancient Lao-tze, the heavy cruiser Alcubiere, the light cruiser Antigone, and 6 destroyers.6:7 Guphill's fleet was based on Z3, and contained 2 battleships, 2 battlecruisers, 4 heavy cruisers, 4 light cruisers, 6 destroyers and 6 sloops.6:8

    Course of Battle Edit

    The Alliance forces were steadily closing in on Diamondia, until the Battle of the Jewel System when RCN was able to inflict heavy losses on the Alliance and lift the siege.6:28