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WithinStrymon System

Strymon was the inhabited planet of the eponymous star system in the influence sphere of the Republic of Cinnabar.

History Edit

Strymon rose to prominence in the Sack region following the Hiatus, having regained links with Earth more quickly than most worlds; but, as the intricacies of sailing through the Matrix were rediscovered, the Sack became a backwater. As Cinnabar expanded its sphere of influence, it came into conflict with Strymon.

The two nations fought two wars, and the Republic of Cinnabar Navy crushed Strymon's forces both times. Distance from Cinnabar—two months of travel for a merchant ship and half that for best naval vessels—preserved a degree of independence for Strymon, but by treaty its navy was limited to light craft suitable for suppressing the endemic piracy of the nearby Selma Cluster.2:1 After the Quetzal Dispute, sometimes called the Second Strymon War, Strymon accepted the position of Friend and Ally to Cinnabar. This was likely around '21 when Admiral Perlot's squadron based on Sexburga took a major part in the conflict before the Strymon fleet surrendered.2:13

RCN Commander Stacey Bergen discovered a much shorter route from Cinnabar2:5 when he visited Strymon in 5120 CE.2:6 In halving the travel time between Strymon and Cinnabar, Bergen did Strymon a doubtful favor. Still, by forcing Strymon to realize Cinnabar's hegemony, it probably prevented the weaker power from wasting its substance in a third hopeless war.2:1

The Vaughn Era Edit

The Vaughn family held the power on Strymon for several generations.

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