T. Klemsch
Female silhouette
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

T. Klemsch was a Cinnabar citizen and Navy clerk.

She served as Secretary of the Navy Board during Admiral Josh Anston's time as Chief of the Board. In 5147 CE, at the time of the Kostroma crisis, she had been with Anston for over thirty years.

She was a woman at the latter end of middle age, unremarkable and somewhat "colorless" in appearance, but extremely competent. Because of her intimate knowledge of the inner workings and power structure of the Navy, she was actually one of the most powerful individuals in all of Cinnabar at the time.1:1

Klemsch was a woman in With the Lightnings, a man in Lt. Leary, Commanding, and indeterminate but probably male in Some Golden Harbor. Probably a retcon.