The Road of Danger
Book09 the road of danger1
Series number9
Universe year5152
Release dateApril 1, 2012

The Road of Danger is the ninth novel of David Drake's RCN series, published in 2012.

Plot Edit

Captain Daniel Leary with his friend–and spy–Officer Adele Mundy are sent to a quiet sector to carry out an easy task: helping the local admiral put down a coup before it takes place. But then the jealous admiral gets rid of them by sending them off on a wild goose chase to a sector where commerce is king and business is carried out by extortion and gunfights.

With anarchy and rebellion in the air, a rogue intelligence officer plots the war that will destroy civilization and enlists the help of a brute whom even torturers couldn't stomach.

And, of course, it's up to Leary and Mundy to put a stop to the madness.

Detailed Plot Edit

It's 5152 CE. There is peace at last between the great powers of Republic of Cinnabar and Alliance of Free Stars. But there are conspirators willing to shatter the fragile truce. Following information received in What Distant Deeps, Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy on RCS Princess Cecile embark on an urgent mission to Macotta Region.

More coming soon.

Background Edit

Drake said that his idea of the plot came from a phrase in Roman historian Livy, regarding an episode in the history of Rome and Carthage after the second Punic War.[1]

He also has more on this on Eric Flint's site.

References Edit

Sources Edit

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Daniel LearyAdele MundyCharlie Platt (Madison)Rene CazeletToveraTomas GrantJeletskyBraunRudolph DoerriesKirby PensettPasternakHogg

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EstremaduraPrincess Cecile SavoyWaholSchellingArchduke WilhelmManzanita MaidSister Kate PhoenixSavoyEllaFlinkSicherCommuneMiltonTapfrMarieChloe FeursnotThemis

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Republic of CinnabarCremonaAlliance of Free Stars

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HolmKronstadtKronstadt Naval BasinAshetownMadison (planet)Madison SystemSunbrightHalta CitySaalCremonaTattersallLeelburgKotzebueME8*9JBMatrixSunbright SystemMacotta RegionFunnel ClusterForty StarsForty Stars SquadronSeventeenth Diocese on Port SanlouisIsocha YardsKostroma CityKrishnamurti and WifeCriterion

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Macotta SquadronLandsmarck WarCinnabar Home FleetExternal BureauSunbright RebellionCalpernius TradingBilajan NavyCasimir RadiationTreaty of AmiensIntransigentsPopularsSpeaker of the RepublicPermanent Secretary of the Senate

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