Timothy Dorst
Male silhouette
Birth date5129
Birth placeCinnabar
Death date5149
Death placeBromley System
FatherCaptain Dorst
MotherMadeline Dorst
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankMidshipman

Timothy Dorst was a Cinnabar citizen and an officer of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

Appearance Edit

He had broad shoulders.2:13

Biography Edit

Timothy was 18 in 5147 CE.2:11

Dorst's grandfather served with Stacey Bergen2:10, and also was on Sexburga under Admiral Perlot.2:13

After being commissioned as a midshipman, Dorst was assigned to the corvette RCS Princess Cecile for its mission to the Strymon System.2:10 When their commander, Lieutenant Daniel Leary, was abandoned at an unknown location during a stop on the planet Sexburga, Dorst took part in the operation to retrieve him.2:18

At some time during their first missions, Dorst and his fellow midshipman, Elspeth Vesey, became lovers3:1, and later became engaged.5:1 They followed Lieutenant Leary when he took command of the Princess Cecile as a private yacht for Count Klimov of Novy Sverdlovsk.3:5 They took part in the ship's many adventures in the Galactic North, and eventually fought in the battle against the Alliance cruiser Bluecher.3:32

Dorst and Vesey both joined the company of the anti-piracy tender RCS Hermes.4:8 He was later put in charge of Cutter 612, and died when it was destroyed during a raid on an Alliance convoy, in the Battle of Bromley.4:22

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Midshipman

Posts Held

51475148RCS Princess CecileMidshipmanStarting in RCN,2:10 but continuing through private charter.3:5
51495149RCS HermesMidshipman
51495149Cutter 612Commanding Officer4:25

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