Tomas Grant
Male silhouette
Birth date5124
Birth placeCinnabar
MotherSerafina Grant
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Tomas Grant was a Cinnabar citizen who started the Sunbright Rebellion under the codename "Freedom" in 5148 CE.

His mother, Serafina Grant, was a member of the Popular Party. She was idealistic, and some time before the Proscriptions against those involved in the Three Circles Conspiracy, became disillusioned with the party and emigrated from Cinnabar to an Alliance of Free Stars planet, Madison, in 5132 CE. His father was caught up in the Proscriptions and executed.

Serafina died of cancer on Madison. Her son Tomas had worked in the Ashetown water department, and was drafted to Sunbright when the Alliance Fleet base on Saal was built in 5147 CE. In 5152 CE, he was the Field Supervisor of the Saal Water Department.

Tomas, who grew up far from Cinnabar, thought to put his mother's principles into action on Sunbright, which had a small and homogeneous population. He quickly lost control of the rebellion, and instead of bringing democracy the rebellion brought years of chaos and banditry.9:22

In 5152 CE he was smuggled off Sunbright by Captain Daniel Leary aboard RCS Princess Cecile.9:26