Wex Bending
Male silhouette
Birth placeCinnabar
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceMinistry of External Affairs

Wex Bending was a Cinnabar citizen and an employee of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Appearance Edit

Bending had a round face, sporting a goatee and flaring sideburns in his adulthood[1], making him appear much different than he did as a younger man.2:5

Biography Edit

His father was a client of the Learys of Bantry who got a post in the Agriculture department through Speaker Corder Leary's influence. Wex, a childhood friend of the Speaker's son, Daniel Leary, went into the same line of work and ended up in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Bending met with Daniel Leary, now an officer of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, shortly before the latter's mission to the Strymon system, but only after getting permission from his patron, Daniel's estranged father. He then proceeded to give Daniel information about Delos Vaughn and the possible political and economic consequences of him rising to power.2:5

References Edit

  1. Daniel believed he did it to look more like Speaker Leary, but instead looked like a "clown".