With the Lightnings
Book01 with the lightnings cover1
Series number1
Universe year5147
Release dateJuly 1, 1998

With the Lightnings is the first novel of David Drake's RCN series, published in 1998.

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During a war between the Republic of Cinnabar and the Alliance of Free Stars, a coup d'etat takes place in the neutral Commonwealth of Kostroma, with both factions becoming involved. Two very different Cinnabar natives -- navy lieutenant Daniel Leary and emigre librarian Adele Mundy -- find themselves in the center of the unfolding events.

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Josh AnstonStacey BergenBoileauBozemanBraceyCassanosMirella CasqueCollodiCrowellCyprianSamir Chandra DasJonathan Ignatius DelfiDitmarsElphinstoneBara EneryFrickGuilianiSimone HajasWalter III HajasHoggIngreitKlemschKryshevskiKoffeLa FocheMartina LasowskiAnise LearyCorder LearyDaniel LearyDeirdre LearyLe GolifMarkosMonMoschelitzAdele MundyAgatha MundyO'SullivanPiersPorraSanausBernis SandSilenaAdria SwartzenhildToveraVannessWangMaisie WeisshamplWhelkineLeonidas Zojira

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BantryBryceBryce AcademyEarthElector's PalaceKostromaKostroma CityKostroma IslandLibrary of the Elector of KostromaMontevideoNavy PoolNavy SchoolPleasaunce systemSadastorSenate House (Xenos)Spraggsund UniversityXenos

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Cassini RadiationCasque TradingChief of RigChief of ShipCommandant of the Navy SchoolDelfi clanduelEasy Recipes for Frontier WorldsEdict of ReconciliationElector of KostromaElectoral LibrarianFleyderlingGuarantor of the Alliance of Free StarsHajas clanHiatusHigh DriveHjalstrom notational systemMarcomannParvennyRhadymantu of SelbourneReciprocity AgreementRepublic of Cinnabar NavySecretary to the Navy BoardSpeaker of the Cinnabar SenateStar Sector 30 PilotSwartzenhild clanTeichnor clanThree Circles ConspiracyZojira clanZoomorphology of the Three Systems

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